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Alex Rosen, Paediatrician and paediatric rheumatologist, IPPNW Germany

Keynote: Playing down the Risks of Atomic Energy - a Story Written on People's Backs: Chernobyl and Fukushima - Not yet fully Told


Albena Simeonova, Environmental activist, organic farmer, Head of the Executive Board of the Foundation for Environment and Agriculture in Bulgaria (FEA)

Eastern Europe – a Perfect Playground for Nuclear Stakeholders


Sigrid Stagl, Economist, Chair of the Department of Socio-Economics at WU in Vienna, Austria

The selection of slides used for the presentation 'The Emperor's new Clothes: Nuclear Power and EU-Taxonomy' is not yet available. Click here for the long version of the study by Sigrid Stagl: The Taxonomy Regulation and Nuclear Energy Considering the DNSH Criteria: A Literature Study


Eva Stegen, Energy Consultant / Energiewerke Schönau EWS, Germany

Refurbished Propaganda of an Expiring Industry – how the Nuclear Lobby abuses Climate Change


Arnie Gundersen, Engineer and former corporate officer in the atomic industry – Whistleblower since the 1990s; Together with Maggie Gundersen operation of NPO ‚Fairewinds Energy Education‘ South Carolina/USA

National & International Nuclear Regulators. Who Do They Protect? Not People, but the Atomic Industry. View from an Insider & Whistleblower


Linda Pentz Gunter, Founder and international specialist at NPO ‚Beyond Nuclear‘, Maryland/USA

The forgotten human faces of the Atomic Lie: to begin at the beginning